Interim COVID-19 Modified Duties Shared Funding Program for Assistant Rank Faculty


We are pleased to inform you of a new program to support faculty in light of COVID-19 pandemic, the UC Irvine Interim COVID-19 Modified Duties Shared Funding Program (ICMD), developed in consultation with Deans, Academic Senate Leadership and School Equity Advisors, and following guidelines and approval from UCOP Provost Michael T. Brown.

The Interim COVID-19 Modified Duties (ICMD) Shared Funding program is designed to help schools support our faculty in the assistant ranks, whose research/creative activities have been disrupted by additional dependent care responsibilities due to COVID-19. Eligible faculty can apply using the UCI-AP-ICMD form (also attached) for teaching release during one quarter. This is not a leave as the faculty members will be expected to redirect the effort normally directed to teaching during the quarter toward their research and creative activities. This program aims to provide shared funding support to allow eligible faculty the flexibility to identify a quarter, between Winter 2021 and Spring 2022, that will be most advantageous for their specific scholarly and research activities.

The request for ICMD will be considered by the Chair and Dean who will take into account the curricular needs of the department/school, availability of school funds, issues of equity within and across departments, and benefit to the requesting faculty member. Additional considerations will include availability and cost of replacement instructors. We encourage units to explore opportunities to hire current/recently graduated UCI Ph.D. students or postdoctoral scholars as replacement instructors.

The Dean will forward the completed request with a rationale for funding support that is designated as high, medium, or low priority to the Office of Academic Personnel. The Vice Provost for Academic Personnel will make final funding decisions that take into account equitable distribution of funding across campus.

For requests approved for funding, the Office of Academic Personnel will provide matching funds of up to $3,000/course, for up to two courses for each faculty toward the support of replacement instructors. The school will cover the remaining expenses of the replacement instructors. If courses are canceled, funding will not be provided.

Dates Program in Effect: January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022
Duration: Faculty can participate in one quarter during this program
How many courses? Release from teaching will be for up to two courses in one quarter. The individual will not be expected to make up released courses in future quarters.
What resource will this program provide? The Office of Academic Personnel will provide matching funding up to $3,000 per course, for a maximum 2 courses, for the quarter in which ICMD is approved. School will cover the remaining expenses of the replacement teaching for that quarter.
Who is eligible? Any appointee in the assistant professor/assistant professor of teaching rank who have dependent children (under age 18) or dependent adults in their household for whom they certify 50% or more of caretaking responsibilities.
Sabbatical Accrual Individuals approved under this program will accrue sabbatical credit for the quarter they are on ICMD.
Approval Chair, Dean and final approval by Vice Provost, Academic Personnel.
Deadline for request to VPAP For ICMD in Winter Quarter 2021:  by December 1, 2020
For ICMD in Spring Quarter 2021,2022:  by January 15 prior
For ICMD in Fall Quarter 2021:  by June 15 prior
For ICMD in Winter Quarter 2022: By Sept 15 prior

Should you have questions about this program, please contact Marianne Liu Beckett, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel,, or Nina Bandelj, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development,


Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost, Academic Personnel

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