What To Do When a COVID Case Occurs

Vice Chancellors
Associate Chancellors

Dear colleagues:

As some students, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff begin returning to campus, the well-being of our UCI community is of utmost concern. Therefore, we want to ensure that everyone has clear instructions on what to do should a COVID-19 case arise.

Here is a link to a new document entitled What To Do When a COVID Case Occurs. These instructions are a printable flyer that should be posted throughout your workspace. The key message is to call the Coronavirus Response Center at x49918 (949.824.9918) for guidance on what to do when a COVID-19 case arises.

To report a case, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff should use COVID-19 Reporting Website and students should contact Student Health Center.

Additional materials and communications emphasizing the use of x49918 are forthcoming.

Please forward this ZotMail to everyone in your school/administrative unit to ensure that when a COVID case occurs on campus, we act quickly, consistently, and effectively.


Ramona Agrela
Associate Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Executive

Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost Academic Personnel

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