Conferral of Emerita/Emeritus Titles, UCPath Entry/Update and Recall Appointments

As we near the end of the academic year, we would like to share the UCPath processing procedures for academic appointees who are retiring and/or will be eligible for an Emerita/Emeritus or Recall appointment.


Conferral of Emerita/Emeritus Titles
The title suffix Emerita/Emeritus shall be conferred automatically upon retirement, on every Professor and Associate Professor.

The approval of the Chancellor, following recommendation of the Academic Senate, will be required for conferral of the title suffix Emerita/Emeritus for positions held at the time of retirement on those members of the Academic Senate who do not hold the title of Professor or Associate Professor at the time of retirement. This includes the title of Associate Professors and Professors of Teaching, Clinical X, and In Residence, which will require submission of the Emeritus Status Approval form,

An academic appointee who holds a non-Senate position at the time of retirement and who is not a member of the Academic Senate may be nominated for conferral of the Emerita/Emeritus title suffix upon recommendation of the Academic Senate.

UCPath Entry for Emerita/Emeritus Status:
Since it is not considered “employment,” department initiators may enter the Emerita/Emeritus job without waiting for the 30-day “break in service” that is normally required for entry of Recall appointments. The Emerita/Emeritus title is normally effective the day following the retirement date-or the first of the following month (July 1).

Note: In order for June 2021 retirees to be eligible for the Inactive COLA, the last date worked should be Tuesday, June 29, 2021, with a termination date effective June 30, 2021.

For faculty to become eligible for the Inactive COLA, they need to be inactive in the UCPath system for at least one day prior to conferral of Emerita/Emeritus status, please refer to the Job Aid: Retirement Processing for July 1 Retirement Date – COLA job aid for terminology, example and guidance on processing this transaction in UCPath.

You may activate the Emerita/Emeritus employee on July 1st following the Job Aid: Emeriti Processing for July 1 Retirement Date. Prior to initiating the template, make sure an Emeritus position has been created and is available for use.


APM – 205 describes that a recall appointment service date may occur no earlier than 30 days following the academic appointee’s retirement date. Subsequent recall appointments do not require a waiting period.

Note: Due to the Emerita/Emeritus status of eligible Senate retirees, recall appointments for these individuals are processed as Concurrent Hire since they are appointed “in addition to” the existing Emerita/Emeritus appointment.

Non-Senate academic retirees do not hold an Emerita/Emeritus appointment (other than a few approved by exception). Recalls for the non-Senate academic retirees require that the department initiators process their jobs as “rehires”.


If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Personnel Analyst.

Thank you,
Office of Academic Personnel

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