ASE (BX)/GSR Range Adjustment COMPLETE

The academic range adjustment for the Academic Student Employees and Graduate Student Researchers is now complete. Salaries entered prior to the PPS Freeze (10/07/2019) have been adjusted 3%. Units may again begin to enter appointments and update other actions for this population. The salary scales can be found on the AP Website.

Next Steps – REVIEW

  • It’s critical that you review and verify the accuracy of the adjustment as soon as possible. With so many payroll changes occurring, it is important that any errors be corrected before the salary is paid on the November 1st paycheck. Payroll cut-off: 10/25/2019 (10/24/2019 Bi-weekly).
  • Payroll no longer automatically prints/distributes reports of the changes resulting from the range adjustment process. You still have access to these reports via the EDL. Instructions on accessing these reports can be found on the EDL Payroll Reports Overview.


If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Personnel Analyst.

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