Systemwide Review of Proposed Revisions to Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 759

Dear Professor,

The University invites comments on proposed revisions to Section 759 of the Academic Personnel Manual:

APM – 759, Leaves of Absence/Other Leaves Without Pay

In May 2021, the Regents Working Group on Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship (“Regents Working Group”) recommended in its final report that APM – 759 be revised to explicitly state that a leave without pay can be used for innovation and entrepreneurship pursuits. The proposed revisions to APM – 759 are responsive to the Regents Working Group recommendation.

The proposed revisions to APM – 759 are posted to the Academic Personnel and Programs website.

Please circulate these policies to affected faculty and non-Senate, non-exclusively represented academic appointees in your school for their review and comment.

Comments about the proposed policy should be submitted at So that we may meet the Office of the President’s response deadline, please forward any comments to the proposed policy revisions by January 14, 2022.

If you have any questions about the proposed policy, please contact Marianne Beckett at


Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

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