AP Review

In Fall 2010, UC Irvine piloted AP Review, a system which routes academic personnel review files electronically.  This review system was developed by UC San Diego and shared with UC Irvine as part of a two campus collaboration to share AP systems.  UCSD piloted this system in 2009-10 and currently processes their dean delegated and CAP-reviewed merits using AP Review.  In exchange for AP Review, UC Irvine shared Recruit with UCSD and UCSD now utilizes Recruit for their faculty recruitment.

UC Irvine’s 2010-11 pilot processed fifteen faculty merit files using AP Review, including three files reviewed by the Council on Academic Personnel (CAP).  Eight departments, representing seven schools/units, participated in the pilot.  Due to the success of the pilot and the support and feedback from our pilot users,  AP Review was adopted as the campus AP Review System starting the 2011-12 review year.

Some key features of AP Review include:

  • Routes the file electronically, from uploading file preparation documents to final decision notification
  • Enables candidates and all reviewers to review the file in a bundled PDF online (via secure login), with bookmark functionality to locate documents easily
  • Provides system generated email notifications to users, prompting them to take action
  • Creates and processes candidate certifications electronically
  • Creates a transparent tracking system of the movement of the file
  • Provides access to records

For more information on AP Review, including a five minute overview of the system, please visit our Resources section.  If you have any questions or comments about AP Review, please contact our AP Review team at: apreview@uci.edu.

News and Updates

Last year for AP Review

The 2022-23 review cycle will be the last year UCI will be using AP Review. The technology the system has been built on is no longer supported and will need to be replaced. Academic Personnel is piloting a new academic review system, ScholarSteps. More information about this new system can be found here.

Webfiles No Longer Supported as of June 30, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, OIT’s Webfiles file sharing service, Xythos, will no longer be supported or maintained as of June 30, 2021. Without support for bug fixes and security patches, the service presents an increasing cybersecurity risk. Webfiles has been utilized with AP Review, the system introduced in 2010 which routes academic personnel review files electronically. Units have already begun transitioning to other file sharing solutions such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for publications and/or teaching evaluations. As units begin preparing review files for the upcoming academic year, we suggest the following options when providing access to publications and/or teaching evaluations:

  1. Create a document with direct links to the publications
    • Create a new WORD document and provide a link to each publication for the period under review.
    • To upload the document to AP Review, save the WORD document as a PDF. Once it is saved, the user can upload the PDF document as “Other” during the File Prep stage.
  2. Create a document to publications and/or teaching evaluations housed online (i.e. Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive; DO NOT USE A PERSONAL WEBSITE)
    • Create a new WORD document with directions to reviewers on how to access the publications. Provide a link or hyperlink so reviewers can be directed to the site once they click on the address. The site used should allow anyone to access it. Reviewers should not be required to login.
    • To upload the document to AP Review, save the WORD document as a PDF. Once it is saved, the user can upload the PDF document as “Other” during the File Prep stage.

AP Review users should no longer use Webfiles for any new AP Review files as the file sharing service will sunset June 30, 2021. To help units get started with alternative file sharing services, please refer to the following links for information:


If you have any questions or concerns, please email apreview@uci.edu. Thank you for your continued support.

New Enhancements

File Filtering

An enhancement has been added to the Review Files list that will allow users to filter the list by:

  • Senate or Non-Senate files
  • Department(s)
  • School(s)
  • Titles(s)
  • Action(s)
  • File Status(es)

Users can also create a default filter which will load a saved filter anytime you log into the system.

Other minor enhancements

  • Dean and AP Staff analysts have been granted the ability to delete annotations.
  • Text has been added to the file summary page 2 to make additional information and preliminary assessment recommendations clearer.

New Enhancements

Archived Files Tab

All files with a status of “Post Audit and Store” (access to the final action letter has been granted to the candidate) have now been moved to a new “Archived Files” tab. Features include:

  • Enhanced search and sort options.
  • A new “Export List” which allows you to export a list of completed review files to a csv (excel) file.
  • Pairing the search features with the export list feature will enable you to customize the list you would like to export. You have the option of exporting the entire list or, by using the search features, filter the list down to what you would like exported before the system creates the csv file.
Please note that “Post Audit and Store” files will no longer be available in the “Review Files” tab and will only be available in the new “Archived Files” tab.

Link directly to a specific file

We have added direct links to most system email notifications. Users can now click on the link in their email and it will bring them directly to the specific file after they log in (instead of the AP Review homepage). This link can be shared, so that users who have the appropriate credentials can also access the file directly.

Academics with more than 1 active appointment

AP Review can now handle academics with more than 1 active appointment. If an academic has more than 1 active appointment (i.e. holding a split lecturer and academic coordinator appointment), the department staff will have the ability to select the appointment that should be associated with the file when entering the department’s proposal.

Other minor enhancements

  • Added an indicator and link increasing the visibility of a candidate’s response to a certification.
  • Removed the “6/30” date requirement for the years at step and rank.


This enhancement includes:

  • Committee Review for both Department and Dean levels.
  • Added Voting Faculty functionality (recusals, ability to add/exclude faculty from outside/inside your department).
  • File Action type correction at the Dean and Campus levels.

Corrections at the Department Level Made Simpler

This enhancement makes it a lot easier for departments to make changes/corrections to the file after the Dean’s Office returns it (prior to any review by CAP).  Previously, the system would force the department to re-engage voting faculty and/or the candidate when corrections were minor or did not merit re-review of the file.   This new feature will give departments the ability to decide whether or not to notify the voting faculty when a change to the file has been made (the candidate will still have to re-certify in some cases).

Here are the scenarios to outline the new feature:

Scenario 1: Add/Change/Delete Files in File Prep
Candidate will have to re-certify
Notify voting faculty for departmental review (optional)

Scenario 2: Changes to Vote, Proposed Status
Once the vote and/or proposed status has been revised, the department staff can forward the file to the dean

Scenario 3: Replacing Department letter or adding/replacing dissenting letters
Candidate will have to re-certify
Notify voting faculty to review department recommendation letter (optional)

Scenario 4: Replacing/Adding Chair’s independent letter
Once the chair’s letter has been uploaded, the department staff can forward the file to the Dean

Also included in this release:

  • Updated alert messages to help department staff navigate through the system easily.
  • Review of the final departmental letter by the voting faculty is now optional

New Signature Option

Users now have the option of uploading signed letters and can choose to move the file forward without requesting an electronic signature from the authority role (Chair, Dean, etc.). The option to have the authority role electronically sign is still available for those who choose to continue to use it.

Mid Career Assessments and Edit Data

Mid Career Assessment (MCA) votes can now be recorded in the system (MCA letters should be uploaded with the Department Recommendation Letter).

Dean’s Offices now have the ability to correct errors in the Proposed Status data, reducing the need to return the file back to the department for corrections.

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