Changes to the Main Menu

In an effort to make myData easier to navigate, we have updated the Main Menu to better fit the categories found in the Review Profile report. Although none of the screens on the main menu were deleted, many did undergo a title change while some were moved to categories that matched those found in the Review Profile report. For a list of the screens that underwent a title change, please see below:

  • Awards and Honors → Honors and Awards
  • Directed Student Learning → Graduate & Undergraduate Students Supervised
  • External Professional Employment → Previous Employment
  • Faculty Development Activities Attended → Postgraduate Training
  • Intellectual Property → Patents/Copyrights
  • Licensures and Certifications → Licenses or Permits
  • Outside Professional Activities/Consulting → Consulting/Outside Professional Activities
  • Professional Articles About You → Professional Articles About You/Published Reviews of your Work
  • Public → Community
  • Scheduled Teaching → Courses Taught
  • University → University/University System-Wide

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